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Hello and welcome to Slash the Week!

Here shall be celebrated the glorious slashiness of BBC2's show 'Mock the Week'.

As well as fanfic, general fangirl-ish squeeing is greatly welcomed, along with icons, fan art, links and uploads.

Joining The Community

We gladly welcome new people, but community membership is moderated due to the nature of the posts in this community. We also ask that no empty journal accounts apply, as membership for these is unlikely. One of us may comment on your latest public entry or send you a PM if we see no evidence in your profile of liking slash or if we have any doubts about the authenticity of the account.


- Please post all fic behind an lj-cut. All fic must also be posted with a title, pairing, rating along any warning(s) that may be appropriate.
- Please also cut if your post is image heavy or contains spoilers for future shows.

Banner supplied by yaminokurisu. The community was founded by foxypadawan and anazri on livejournal in 2006 and is currently owned and moderated by [personal profile] marsleuthial (formerly coco_waters on lj).
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