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Fic: Oops...

Title: Oops...
Pairing: Jon/Russell, but don't get your hopes up, it's V angsty...
Summary: Jon makes a mistake, Jon tries to make up for it, but he just makes things worse...
Authors Note: Right, this is my first slashtheweek posting, so I genuinely have no idea what I'm doing. If it comes out a mess with loads of mistakes, tell me what they are and how to fix them. Then I shall fix them and blame society for allowing them to happen in the first place.
14/5/08: Ok, here comes take 2. Thanks to everybody who offered a hand, I'm such a newbie :-P Fingers-crossed and here we go.

“Oops…” Jon smiles awkwardly, a hand flying to his mouth and eyes darting towards Russell “…I mean…” Russell isn’t laughing, Jon’s smile falters and eventually fades completely as Russell unplugs himself from the show and makes a speedy exit. There’s not really a way to fix this, so continuing is all Jon can do “Russell just puked” he blurts out “he’ll be back in a minute…I think…” he looks up to see the producer, rubbing the bridge of his nose in despair, and mentally kicks himself in the bollocks. He’s really done it now.


Russell has confided in his best friend, Jon, that he thinks he might be gay. He’s terrified that people will be weird about it, that he’ll lose friends. Really, he knows that these worried are unfounded, but he just can’t shake them off, and then finally blurts out the truth. Jon comforts him and tells him to stop being so soft, they exchange glances and chuckle at the unintended joke, and everything is alright. Jon promises on his Xbox that he won’t tell.

Jon tells. Jon tells ten thousand or more people on a Sunday afternoon. Jon tells Russell’s parents. Jon gets caught up in their childish, good-natured bickering and says “How can people not know that you’re gay?” Jon takes a moment to realise what he’s done. “Oops…”


Jon finds Russell in his car. They car-share to work, so he couldn’t have left without him, no matter how much he wanted to, a deal’s a deal. Russell won’t look at him as they drive, silently. Jon can’t defend himself or his actions.

Russell glances over at him as they pull up outside his building “See you tomorrow.” Jon shrugs “coming up for a drink?”

Russell stares in disbelief “No…”

“Come on, you go park the car, I’ll go and put the kettle on and we can talk.” Russell rolls his eyes and nods “fine” Jon gives a small smile that goes unnoticed and steps out of the car.


Jon leaves the door open and goes to put the kettle on. Jon’s kettle has been melted on the electric hob. Jon had forgotten. Jon is digging around on the top shelf for a saucepan to boil water in and doesn’t hear Russell come in and close the door behind him. Russell can’t resist. Russell creeps up behind Jon and wraps his arms around his waist, planting a soft kiss on his neck. Jon spins round in fright and sends pots and pans flying around them. Russell still has his arms around him.

Jon glances at the mess and gulps, smiling awkwardly at Russell “Oops…” Russell kisses him.


Jon lies on his bed, Russell’s head resting on his chest, and feels awful. Jon isn’t gay. Jon isn’t in love with Russell. Jon doesn’t know why he did it. Jon brings a hand to his face and tries not to cry. Russell looks up at him “What’s the matter?” Jon slides away and rolls onto his side “Leave me alone.” Russell is hurt. Russell leaves as quickly as he can gather his clothes together. Russell cries in the car as Jon cries in bed. Oops…


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Could you please put this under a cut? I'd also appreciate it if you use the tags in the future.

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LJ FAQ ( for cuts. The FAQ is very useful and far better at explaining things than I am.

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Try the LJ FAQ here ( for info on how to LJ-cut.

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Hey, this should help explaining the lj-cut:
Don't worry, it took me about 3 weeks to learn how to do it!

The fic was lovely though, even though you broke my heart! *hugs russell, hugs jon*

I'd love to see some more R/J from you, maybe happier ones? *looks up through eyelashes* XD

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:D I'll look forward to it. Happy Russell/Jon fics make my day. Or week, if they're good!

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OMG! *weeps* that was so sad! Poor Russell...=[ I absolutely love Russell/Jon, and this is brilliant for your first go. Waa! So sad =[

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:O Awwwhh!!!! Poor Russell!!!

I loved this! :D
I can't wait for the sequel :)

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cute story!


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who is "russell"... who is "jon"... why do people read slash fiction...